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One of the great things about this project is that it is truly a community history project. We aren’t going to be able to complete it without lots of volunteer help! Below are some categories we need help in. If you wish to volunteer, please email the following information to heidi.hdg1812 (at)

Phone Number (home and cell):
Email Address:
Names of Volunteer Tasks You Are Interested In (from list below):
Times You Are Available to Volunteer (weekends, evenings, days, etc.):

Community Document Historians
For those who love reading old newspapers and other documents, this will be a engaging, worthwhile project.  It  involves assisting the committee in researching data found in these weekly sources.  The volunteer will reach 19th century newspapers, seeking to gather information about Havre de Grace in the era of study, and there will also be some fact-checking.  Dozens of titles were published in Harford County in the 19th century and many of these weeklies have not been examined to see what insight they yield to help understand the community in this era.  Volunteers will be given assignments to read certain newspapers and as they do that they will extract data related to obituaries, reports of the war, and recollections about the community in the era as time goes on.  Often this work will involve traveling to the special collections libraries or Historical Societies, such a Harford County to extract the data, where the researcher will work with a microfilm reader.  An introductory training session on reading old newspapers and validating that information will be provided and the volunteers will be supported throughout the process.  As time goes on and more sources are developed, the process may include reading aging letters and other manuscript materials in private hands or in public repositories.

Oral Historians
The individual assisting with this project will participate in an informative and personally enriching interview process that aids in documenting Havre de Grace’s Community History, 1800 to 1830.  By the standard definition this is not an oral history project as informants directly knowledgeable of the events aren’t available.  But the project will, nonetheless, leverage the techniques of an oral historian to gather data from the community’s tradition-bearers.  What are the stories that have been passed down through the generations and centuries about Havre de Grace in this era, is the area of focus.  Support will be provided to researchers by directing them to their informants, providing some formal training in the methods of community research and oral history, and providing mentoring during the time the study is underway.  The range of tasks may include, interviewing, recording, archiving, and transcribing,  depending on the individual’s preference.

Data Entry

  • Assist the historians in entering historical data into our database
  • While average computer skills are required, specific training will be provided on using the database.


  • Help sew 19th century costumes for our interpreters and for our education trunks. Patterns and material will be provided.

Scheduling/Management of Education Trunks

  • Work with teachers to schedule trunks to be in classrooms.
  • Check trunk before sending out to ensure completeness
  • Check trunk upon return to ensure completeness. Follow up with teacher about any missing/broken items

Delivery of Education Trunks

  • Drop off and Pick up education trunks at local schools as scheduled

1812 Project Presenter

  • Undergo training to present the 1812 project to local community groups
  • Use committee developed PowerPoint presentations to introduce and inspire enthusiasm about 1812 project
  • Recruit volunteers through these presentations and make sure the names get to the correct volunteer manager

Sponsorship Manager

  • Manage sponsorship sales volunteers to ensure all businesses are being approached by only one person
  • Oversee sponsorship fulfillment

Sponsorship Sales

  • Visit local businesses (as assigned by manager) and ask them to be a sponsor of the 1812 celebration

Lecture Greeters

  • Sign up to greet the public as they arrive for our lecture series.
  • Oversee getting attendees to sign up for email list/volunteer list
  • Oversee food delivery and clean up

Event volunteers

  • Various duties as assigned to help visitors have an enjoyable time various 1812 events (dates to be determined)

If none of these opportunities appeal to you, email us with suggestions of ways you might get involved, or keep checking back as we will update this list as our needs change.


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