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The War of 1812 Bicentennial is kicking into high gear over the next several months. The celebration is occurring across the state of Maryland from June 1812 until January 1815, when the war ended after the Battle of New Orleans. Ironically, the Treaty of Ghent, the peace treaty that ended the war, was signed on December 24, 1814 in Ghent (modern day Belgium). However, it took several weeks for the news of peace to reach the States, and the Battle of New Orleans was fought to a decisive American victory on January 8, 1815.

The state Bicentennial Celebration begins June 13-19, 2012 with Star Spangled Sailabration, with tall ship, navy hulls, and the Blue Angels invading the Inner Harbor for week-long celebration. You can learn more about this event here.

What some people don’t realize is that the War of 1812 extended until 1815. Therefore, there will be other events coming up over the next three years to mark the key events of the War. Havre de Grace was burned by the British on May 3, 1813. Therefore, Havre de Grace will be commemorating this action in May of 2013.

The Battle of Baltimore didn’t occur until September 12, 1814, now known as Defender’s Day. The city of Baltimore will host another large celebration on Defender’s Day 2014. More details of this celebration will be released in the coming year.

Be sure to visit often to keep up on what is going on statewide to celebrate the Bicentennial of the War of 1812!


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